SECTIONAbstract interpretations of the masksTECHNIQUE Original monotype mixed technique
TITLEAstrazione di Colombina in 4CODE MON.ASTMASK 5
DESCthe price includes frame by artist and shipping
PRICE €6000SIZE - CM 57 x 25
NOTEOriginal monotype done in a mixed technique with watercolour on hand made linen and canvas paperGold and red frame by artist

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Original monotype mixed technique
cm 40 x 20
Prezo €1800

mixed technique
cm 57 x 25
Prezo €1200

mixed technique
cm 27 x 12
Prezo €480

mixed technique
cm 24 x 11
Prezo €360

cm 25 x 12
Prezo €200